Fact: In tracking eight years of amateur boxing competition in the national Silver Gloves program for ages 8 – 15, which involved over 2,700 youngsters who boxed over 2,000 bouts and competed in nearly 6,000 rounds, not one significant injury was reported or required emergency medical care. That translates to eight years and no injuries. Compare that statistic to one season og high school football and it is surprising to say the least.

Fact: Amateur boxing is not about knocking your opponent out! In comparison to professional boxing, the objective and even the scoring system is entirely different. Amateur boxing is scored on a system where each technically correct punch is worth one point.

In addition, the referees exercise more control in the ring and evaluate boxers throughout the bout.

Physicals are required both before and after the bout.

Fact: Amateur boxing ranks as the safest sport among contact sports such as football, wrestling, and among other activities such as equestrian events and motorcycle racing.

According to the National Safety Council’s 1996 accident report, amateur boxing ranked 23rd on its list of injuries, below hockey, gymnastics, and skating.

7 Most Dangerous Youth Sports in America

1. Football 13.8%
2. Mountain Biking 7.7%
3. Basketball 6.0%
4. Soccer 3.5%
5, Skateboarding 2.7%
6. Baseball 2.6%
7. Softball 2.3%

Fact: Amateur boxing ranks as the safest sport among contact sports.